Course Descriptions


Required Law (8) hours needed every 2 years 

Agency (4)

Is the consumer a client or customer?  What are the required duties and disclosures?  Since every real estate court case and every real estate commission disciplinary action concerns Agency, this is an essential class for every licensee.

Contract Law (2) 

Written documents are required in real estate transactions to record the terms and conditions of agreements.  These documents must be legally enforceable and clearly state the intentions of the parties.  Commonly used contracts will be reviewed…

License Law (2) 

In 1954 the state legislature established the rules licensees must follow for the protection of the public.  The students will become familiar with recent changes and be reacquainted with the standards expected from licensed professionals.


Electives (8) hours needed every 2 years

Accredited Buyer’s Representative (16)

This NAR Designation course is an in-depth study of how licensees can successfully work with buyers.  What do buyers want and expect?  What disclosures and documents are required?

Avoiding Anti-Trust (4)

Price-fixing, allocation of markets, boycotts and tying agreements are all violations of federal law, and licensees must know how to identify and avoid these actions.

Avoiding Risk When Handling Client Data (2)

In the age of hackers and identity theft, it has never been more important to secure your data.  We will discuss the risks when handling data, how to reduce that risk and how to keep yourself and your client safe from online threats.

Buyer Agency:  From Showing to Contract (2)

What properties do you show a buyer?  What is the difference between a condition and an objection?  What do I put in the contract documents for my buyer’s protection?

Buyer Agency:  From Contract to Closing (2)

What are an agent’s duties to the buyer while the transaction is moving toward the closing?  What is the agent’s job before, during and after the closing?

Code of Ethics (4)

A required course of the National Association of REALTORS®, but can also be used as elective CE.

Since the REALTOR® Code of Ethics, its Standards of Practice and its enforcement procedures are subject to change on an annual basis, the National Association of REALTORS® require that ALL REALTORS® complete a specific comprehensive Code of Ethics update course every 2 years starting January 2019. Come and be reminded of all the standards you’ve agreed to uphold as REALTORS®.

Commercial Real Estate 101 (4)

This class is for residential licensees who from time to time have an opportunity to do a commercial transaction.  Students will be introduced to the vocabulary, concepts, disclosures and basic professional requirements expected in commercial transactions.

Effective Buyer Prospecting (2)

How do you find buyers?  How do you get them to choose you?  Are they ready, willing and able? 

Employer-Assisted Housing (3)

Most employers benefit from their employees living in safe communities near where they work.  This NAR class is designed to teach licensees how to work with employers to assist their employees in obtaining housing.

F1 Contract (2)

The Contract for the Sale and Purchase of Real Estate is an essential document in almost all real estate transactions.  Real estate professionals must be familiar with all aspects of the document and must be able to use it properly.

Foreclosures, Short Sales, REOs & Auctions (4)

Distressed properties can provide many opportunities for licensees who know how to solve problems.  Knowledge of how to bring these properties to a successful closing can create a lucrative niche.

Marketing a Listing (4)

Marketing can be one of the licensee’s major expenses.  It is essential that the agent understands the return on their investment and keeps good records to know where their business comes from.

Military Relocation Professional Certification (8)

This NAR Certification course teaches students how to serve the unique needs of active and retired military personnel and their families which are found in every community.

Picture it SOLD: Using Great Photos to Connect with Buyers (2)

In this new two-hour elective CE course, students will learn how to take great photos; the equipment they will need; why aperture, shutter speed, and film speed matter; the benefits of High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography; and when and how to use flash.

Pricing Properties to Sell (2)

Getting a seller to understand comparable sales and price their property at or below market will aid in getting it sold and closed. How do you protect your commission?

Property Disclosures (4)

The days of “let the buyer beware” are long gone.  State law requires many kinds of property disclosures in real estate transactions, and licensees must be aware of these requirements to manage their risk.

 Property Management for the Residential Agent (4)

A large increase in complaints against licensees who engage in managing rentals indicates that many agents do not understand how to manage major assets belonging to other people.  We will look at the management agreement, the rental application, the lease agreement and the state landlord-tenant law.

Real Estate Investing: Build Wealth Representing Investors and Becoming One Yourself (8)

This one-day ABR® elective course examines how real estate professionals can expand their business services and boost their bottom line by representing investor clients and investing in real property.

Real Estate Marketing that Works (2)

Knowing where business comes from and investing marketing dollars in the right places can increase an agent’s bottom-line and get to the closing quicker.

REALTOR® Etiquette:  Professional Conduct & Courtesy (4)

Real estate is a business of contacts.  This class helps agents better understand how to deal with clients and customers, the public and their peers in an efficient and professional way.

REALTOR® Safety at Home & Work (4)

Real estate can be a dangerous business.  It is essential that licensees take precautions to work as safely as possible.

Red Flags:  Property Inspection Guide (4)

Licensees are held to the standard of what they knew or should have known.  This class teaches agents what to look for when they inspect a property and helps them determine when they need to call in an expert.

Risk Management (4)

Everything about a real estate transaction conveys some form of risk to the agent.  Knowledge of environmental concerns, anti-trust, do-not-call, fair housing, etc. can reduce some of the hazards inherent to the profession.

Sell Yourself and Your Listings with Video (2)

Video is one of the most under-utilized tools in real estate.  We will cover the basics of video creation, editing, hosting and promoting as well as learning how to quickly and easily share.  Specific examples will show you what to avoid and provide tips to make your videos as effective as possible.

Seller Agency: From Contract to Closing (2)

What are your duties to the seller after a contract is in place?  What is the agent’s job at the closing?  How do you stay in contact with the seller after the closing to get repeat and referral business?

 Seller Representative Specialist (14)

This NAR Designation course is focused on how agents can provide top-quality service to their seller clients.

Social Media Do’s & Don’ts (4)

Social media is the new frontier for communicating with prospects and marketing your business.  We will introduce the most popular platforms and discuss the potential uses of each.  You will see how other real estate professionals are using these tools to expand their business opportunities and avoid the common mistakes they make.

Standard Forms (4)

MAR’s Standard Forms include most of the documents agents use in their day-to-day business as well as some of the disclosure forms required by the real estate commission. 

Successful Buyer Representation (2)

Why should buyers choose to be represented?  What disclosures are required?  What are the advantages for the buyer and agent?

Successful Seller Prospecting (2)

How do you find sellers?  How do you get them to choose you?  What is their urgency and motivation? 

Technology Tour for Real Estate Professionals (4)

This class takes a broad view of current technology and how it affects the real estate profession.  You will learn how to speed up your computer, how to avoid and remove viruses and how to back up your important data.  We will talk about new technology, like tablets, and online tools such as Dropbox and Evernote that can make you more professional.

The Professional’s Guide to Real Estate Listings (8)

Includes: Successful Seller Prospecting,  Pricing Properties to Sell, Real Estate Marketing that Works, Seller Agency: From Contract to Closing

This is an 8 hour version of how to work with Sellers from prospecting to closing the transaction and after the closing.

The Professional’s Guide to Real Estate Sales (8)

Includes:  Effective Buyer Prospecting, Successful Buyer Representation, Buyer Agency:  From Showing to Contract, Buyer Agency:  From Contract to Closing

This is an 8 hour version of how to work with Buyers from prospecting to closing the transaction and after the closing.


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