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This is a complete list of all of our currently scheduled classes.

All Currently Scheduled Classes

DateLocationCourse Name
07/08/19 Flowood Salesperson Pre-License
07/11/19 Tupelo Code of Ethics
07/12/19 Tupelo The Auditors Are Coming!
07/18/19 Meridian Military Relocation Profession
07/22/19 Nesbit Salesperson POST License
07/24/19 Mc Comb Agency Law
07/24/19 Mc Comb The Auditors Are Coming!
07/24/19 Mc Comb Standard Forms: New & Improved
07/28/19 Flowood State Exam Review
07/29/19 Flowood Salesperson Pre-License Nights
08/08/19 Nesbit The Auditors Are Coming!
08/15/19 Nesbit License Law
08/15/19 Nesbit Agency Law
08/15/19 Nesbit Contract Law
08/16/19 Nesbit Code of Ethics
08/16/19 Nesbit Fair Housing
08/20/19 Flowood Contract Law
08/20/19 Flowood Agency Law
08/20/19 Flowood The Auditors Are Coming!
08/21/19 Laurel Risk Management
08/25/19 Flowood State Exam Review
08/26/19 Tupelo Salesperson POST License
09/09/19 Flowood Broker POST License
09/13/19 Meridian Safety at Home and Work
09/16/19 Flowood GRI II - Broker A
09/19/19 Tupelo Agency Law
09/19/19 Tupelo License Law
09/19/19 Tupelo Contract Law
09/20/19 Flowood Salesperson Pre-License Weeken
10/07/19 Flowood GRI III - Broker B
10/09/19 Nesbit SRS Designation Course
10/15/19 Picayune Contract Law
10/15/19 Picayune License Law
10/15/19 Picayune Agency Law
10/16/19 Picayune Elective TBD
10/16/19 Picayune Elective TBD
10/16/19 Picayune Elective TBD
10/21/19 Flowood Salesperson POST License
10/21/19 Nesbit Broker POST License
10/27/19 Flowood State Exam Review
10/28/19 Flowood Salesperson Pre-License
11/13/19 Flowood Agency Law
11/13/19 Flowood The Auditors Are Coming!
11/13/19 Flowood Contract Law
11/13/19 Tupelo Appy Hour
11/13/19 Tupelo DIY: Leveraging Tech for Leads
11/14/19 Hattiesburg Agency Law
11/14/19 Hattiesburg Contract Law
11/14/19 Hattiesburg License Law
12/03/19 Biloxi Agency Law
12/03/19 Biloxi Contract Law
12/03/19 Biloxi License Law
12/12/19 Nesbit License Law
12/12/19 Nesbit Agency Law
12/12/19 Nesbit Contract Law

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