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04/20/22Virtual Classroom
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InstructorStephanie Shaw
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Virtual Classroom - License Law - (Satisfies 2 Hours of License Law CE)

Invite your entire office including staff to join this Live Virtual course to learn best practices for being compliant.

Dates:  Wednesday, April 20th, 2022
Time:  11:00am - 1:00pm

Instructor: Stephanie Shaw

About This Course:
  • What are they looking for?
  • Do you know the rules?
  • Are you ready if and when they come?

Are you in compliance with:
  • Mississippi Department of Employment Security
  • The Mississippi Real Estate Commission
  • The Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD)
  • The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

What you will walk away with...
  • A checklist from the Mississippi Department of Employment Security (MDES)
  • Forms to keep your files and escrow accounts in check
  • What forms you must use and In some cases, what order they must be in.

Don't be caught off guard being non-compliant!

Course Attendance Requirement: You will need a device with a camera and a microphone. For clarity, we also advise you to have earphones. We must be able to see your face through your camera at all times in order to certify that you are present. Your instructor may call on you periodically so you must be present and attentive throughout the course.

There will also be monitors that are certifying that you are in the virtual classroom. You MUST REGISTER WITH YOUR NAME! This is an MREC requirement that we verify your name with photo. 12345, Hot Shot, iPhone, etc. will not allow us to give CE credit. Refunds are not available after class has started.
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03/23/22FlowoodStephanie Shaw
03/23/22Virtual ClassroomStephanie Shaw